Toyota Broadcast & Direct Marketing

Toyota Trucks - Brotherhood
CD Neal Hughlett and tell the story of two different people who share a passion for Toyota trucks and what they enable them to do. They may be at different stages of life and passions, but they both love to live an outdoor life to the fullest. “Brotherhood” is about that bond that they share. 
Agency: MMB  /  Client: Toyota  /  Contribution: Art Direction, Design
Toyota RAV4 - Safety Not Standard
For my first automotive broadcast spot, CD Neal Hughlett and I created a story around the simple truth that unlike the RAV4, safety doesn't always come standard.
Agency: MMB  /  Client: Toyota  /  Contribution: Art Direction, Design
Direct Marketing
For my first two years at MMB, Charlie Cunningham, Annaliza Nieve, Ilan Frankel and I pumped out hundreds of conceptual direct marketing campaigns that included direct mail, email and digital content. We often sold more ideas than the client asked for, and I gained some serious credentials with paper folds, lenticulars, email tables and the limits of the United States Postal Service.
Prius - There's More to Life than Commuting
Interacting with this gate fold illustrates how much more can be done on a tank of gas with a Prius.
4Runner - Signs of Wildlife
To honor the adventurous spirt of the Toyota 4Runner, we created an audubon-esque guide high-lighting its distinguishing features for life in the wild.
RAV4 - Zombie Apocalypse
As a complement to a broadcast spot that pitches this SUV as ideally equipped to help families avoid the impending Zombie Apocalypse, our team created a Zombie Survival Kit direct mailer and sent out a series of email tips on how to survive a zombie attack. 
Tundra - Make the Most of Summer
With summer on the way, we set out to remind truck drivers of the adventurous capabilities of the Toyota Tundra.
Corolla - Long Road
To validate this vehicle’s reputation as the most durable and dependable car in America our team created an email that simulates a long driving experience. This became one of the most successful email campaigns for the Gulf State Toyota dealers. This campaign also included 3-foot long 8-fold direct mail piece.

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