Toyota Broadcast & Direct Marketing

Toyota RAV4 - Safety Not Standard
For my first automotive broadcast spot, CD Neal Hughlett and I created a story around the simple truth that unlike the RAV4, safety doesn't always come standard.
Agency: MMB  /  Client: Toyota  /  Contribution: Art Direction, Design
Direct Marketing
For my first two years at MMB, Charlie Cunningham, Annaliza Nieve, Ilan Frankel and I pumped out hundreds of conceptual direct marketing campaigns that included direct mail, email and digital content. We often sold more ideas than the client asked for, and I gained some serious credentials with paper folds, lenticulars, email tables and the limits of the United States Postal Service.
Prius - There's More to Life than Commuting
Interacting with this gate fold illustrates how much more can be done on a tank of gas with a Prius.
4Runner - Signs of Wildlife
To honor the adventurous spirt of the Toyota 4Runner, we created an audubon-esque guide high-lighting its distinguishing features for life in the wild.
RAV4 - Zombie Apocalypse
As a complement to a broadcast spot that pitches this SUV as ideally equipped to help families avoid the impending Zombie Apocalypse, our team created a Zombie Survival Kit direct mailer and sent out a series of email tips on how to survive a zombie attack. 
Tundra - Make the Most of Summer
With summer on the way, we set out to remind truck drivers of the adventurous capabilities of the Toyota Tundra.
Corolla - Long Road
To validate this vehicle’s reputation as the most durable and dependable car in America our team created an email that simulates a long driving experience. This became one of the most successful email campaigns for the Gulf State Toyota dealers. This campaign also included 3-foot long 8-fold direct mail piece.

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